About Stubble


Stubble Magazine is a lifestyle magazine edited by Tom Johnson. It’s an excuse to ask interesting people honest questions. Complaints, fan letters, or contributions may be submitted via stubblemag@gmail.com.


What’s the point of Stubble?
Get people together to tell stories. You can read more about the site’s inner dialogue on our Crab and Egret development blog.

What does the name mean?
It’s what gets left over or the tenacious growth that’s the first to return. I guess the idea started out as a “Men’s Magazine,” so that related to stubble too.

Has Stubble won any awards?
Believe it or not, the SPJ said we were the 3rd Best Independent News Blog in Minnesota and Vita.mn readers said we were the Best Local Blog of 2012.

How can I contribute content?
Thanks for asking!  Stubble welcomes (begs desperately) for content of all kinds. Drop a line to stubblemag@gmail.com explaining what you’d like to do.

Can I advertise in Stubble?
You sure can. Here’s how it works:

  1. You give us a topic related to your business or otherwise.
  2. Stubble then independently writes the article on the given topic.
  3. When Stubble make sthe post, we give you credit for “sponsoring” the post and use our channels to promote it. You’re also listed in our “supporters” section forever.

For more info about sponsoring some content, contact stubblemag@gmail.com.


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