Kentucky Derby report: “It’s my opportunity to use my smarts to win some mah-ney, and it’s fun as hell!”

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[Follow along! Listen to the audio of this interview here.]

Stubble: What’s your name?
Wayne: Wayne Froemming.

Stubble: Wayne Froemming.
Wayne: F-r-o-e-m-m-i-n-g.

Stubble: Where are you from?
Wayne: Alexandria, Minnesota – birthplace of America, the best place on earth.

Stubble: What makes it the birthplace of America, that’s the viking thing?
Wayne: Well, because they found the Kensington Runestone there, of course. And it is real! And it is real! We had this old boy… yeah, it’s real. Alright, go on.

Stubble: What brings you to the Kentucky Derby part here.
Wayne: Well, I’ve been following this s*** since 1991. Since I was a kid I’ve been following this. Well, anyway, because it’s the Kentucky Derby party and nobody does this but I do and I have been. I have actually, when Canterbury was shut down, I actually drove to Des Moine, Iowa or whatever, down there, in ’93 and I drove… and I drove to f***ing Fargo, North Dakota to bet the damn ponies. I’ve been doing this since 1991.

Stubble: What did you make of this year’s Kentucky Derby?
Wayne: I thought it was wide open and I won. Iiiiii won! I had to use American Pharaoh. I didn’t like it but I had to because he was the chalk. The horse I thought that was going to win, I thought Dortmund was going to win because I’ve seen him just dominate horses, but I love Firing Line – I LOVE Firing Line – because Gary Stevens as a jockey, the old man jockey. I love that. And firing Line gave Dortmund all he wanted the last time they raced together so I boxed Dortmund, American Pharaoh, Firing Line and, uh, what was the fourth f***ing horse… uh, he didn’t come in. But anyway, I boxed them on a tri-box, boxed them on an exacta box, I got the exacta box, I got the tri-box…

Stubble: I don’t even know what that means.
Wayne: It means a lot of money, because, because Firing Line went off at like 10 or 12:1.

Stubble: So you’re rolling right now.
Wayne: I’m rooollllin’. The dollar trifecta payed about 5 or 6 bills. A hundred dollllarrs. And the exta probably paid about 100 bucks, or $80, I don’t know.

Stubble: If you don’t mind me changing the topic of conversation here, tell me about your hat and how that came together.
Wayne: My hat?

Stubble: Yeah.
Wayne: My hat, a girl I knew called Laura from Aurora made this hat back 20 years ago and when she had the hat it was on a cap. She made this hat, it’s made out of nylon and the horse’s ass is made out of nylon and it was on a cap. And I actually had to loan the $5 to my girlfriend’s sister to buy the hat, you know, and then I ended up putting it on this cowboy hat and I wear this every big race.

Stubble: Let me ask you, what about horse racing in particular interests you?
Wayne: Because it’s my opportunity to, because no bank will ever give me a f***ing loan. It’s my opportunity to use my smarts to win some mah-ney, and it’s fun as hell!

Stubble: Have you been able to do that so far?
Wayne: Well, I lose most of the time, but sometimes I win and we get the big races and when the big races come like today, this is when the big odds come and you have to use the chalk. I don’t like it but you’re gonna have to.

Stubble: The chalk?
Wayne: The chalk is the favorite. Chalk comes from the old times. It’s the horse that’s favored gets the most chalk, so they call it the chalk.

Stubble: I get it!
Wayne: So anyway, well the chalk was American Pharaoh. I don’t know nothing about this f***ing American Pharaoh horse, but I just know that it’s a good horse. I haveta use it. I don’t like it and I can’t throw it out, I haveta use it.

Stubble: Last question of the interview, I’m sorry to take your time up, how would you sell someone on this spirit of horse racing? How would you summarize the Kentucky Derby and sell it to someone who says “whats the big deal?”
Wayne: It’s majestic. I don’t know, it’s majestic! It’s majestic! A guy like me, it’s an opportunity to use their head to make a little dough. I don’t know, it’s majestic! It’s… cool man.

Stubble: That’s a good answer. Do you mind if I take your picture as well too?
Wayne: [shouting] Put in there to watch Let it Ride. It’s a horse racing movie called Let it Ride! Best horse racing move ever made. Let it ride!

Wayne Froemming bets on horses, is from Alexandra and he says watch “Let it Ride.” This interview was recorded at the Betty Danger’s Kentucky Derbatante.


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