Q+A: The Ring Generals


Stubble: How did you guys get started hosting your own wrestling radio show?
Jono: Well, uh, for starters me and Matt used to work together not too long ago. Actually it was a very long time ago, 7 or 8 years.
Matt: We all have a Best Buy connection, we all still work with the company. It just so happens that this guy here [slaps Stubby J on the shoulder] is the part owner of an internet radio station called Sizzlin 99.9. He was looking for some programs and brought the idea to us.
Jono: It was a luncheon at Red Robin over some burgers. I told Jake, “why don’t you just give us our own wrestling show” and he said yes
Stubby J: What happened is, I work for a station called Sizzlin 99.9, it’s a homegrown station out of Minneapolis-St. Paul. it’s a public station so whatever people are passionate about, we design programming around that. One of the things in the Twin Cities that there’s not much of are wrestling radio shows. I honestly only know of two: there’s one out of Duluth and then obviously EPW which runs off of clear channel.

Stubble: And the Five Count in Mankato.
Stubby J: That’s one I don’t even know – so there’s not that many. We wanted to add a fresh perspective into it where these guys can at times be loose cannons and say whatever they want without having to offend anybody. These guys are passionate about the show and they want to take their love and share it with everyone around the cities.

Stubble: As someone pretty new to wrestling, here at Wrestlepalooza for the first time, what would you recommend I keep an eye out for tonight? What aspects of the show do you guys enjoy the most?
Jono: I think you can really see when a guy takes the passion and the dedication seriously. You can see this by watching how they do their moves, and arrange and align their bodies in the process. There’s also a lot of creativity in wrestling – you can definitely see the love these people have in finding new and exciting ways to entertain the audience. You can see the people who have the heart. Watch for the guys who try to make it about YOU, the audience and connect with you personally.
Matt: So essentially this has been a sort of commonly used term for wrestling, but it becomes a “male soap opera” and there are elements of that we enjoy and that keeps us coming back, but mainly for myself just the athleticism and the pure performances they put on to keep you interested. Where we take our name is that someone who’s a “ring general” can control the action within the ring. Obviously it’s scripted and they know what moves they’ll be doing, but even when things get botched or come off course, the ring general can recover and stay in control. So, just watching even how wrestlers recover when things don’t go to plan, that story within the story is what keeps me coming back.
Jono: If we were talking about this evening from a newcomer’s perspective, I’d say take a step back and look at it like a movie or a magic show. If you sit there and spend your time trying to figure out how they do it you’re going to end up confused and frustrated. If you just enjoy the show and take it for what it is, which is probably the best feat of athletics and coordination and storytelling with your body – you’ll have a good time.

Stubble: Minneapolis seems to have a really rich wrestling history, which is pretty cool.
Matt: That’s right, the AWA was based out of Minneapolis and they were one of the territories that was bought out by Vincent Kennedy McMahon who now runs the WWE. So he took control over all of that talent which was very, very wealthly.
Jono: Curt Hennig, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan…
Matt: Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell…
Jono: All the guys who came from Minnesota or got their start here, the list goes on and on.

Stubble: Last question, if you were a wrestler, what would your name be?
Jono: Well, I have two names…

Stubble: So you’ve thought of this before?
Jono: Oh, absolutely. My name is Jono, so my first name that would be my standby is Midnight Jonny Delight. My second choice, if I were more of a masked wrestler, it would be The Red Star of Minnesota Super Careless Junior.

Stubble: What moves would be your go-to?
Jono: They would be lightning fast and very, very speedy and technically oriented.

Stubby J: I would be more of a manager. I would be known as the Notorious Jacob V, or you could just call me Jono’s brother. I think I’d like the manager role because I’m kind of a nerdy player and I’ve always enjoyed managing and being like a bigger brother. Big brothers always fight dirty, so that’s probably just what I’d be.

Matt: I’d just roll with my band nick name that I acquired with Stubby here and I’d be Matty Atlantic.
Jono: Baddest man this side of the East Coast!
Matt: Right, so if you’re on the west side of the East Coast you’ve got to watch your ass. That’s what I got.

Stubble: Where can I find your show?
Stubby J: You can find the Ring General radio hour on KSIZ 99.9 every Wednesday night from 7-8pm. You can download your free Sizzlin iPhone or Android app to listen to these guys, or you can always catch their show on iTunes as well.

Stubble: That sounds like a radio voice, like there should be explosions behind it.
Jono: That’s why we let him do it.

Matt Nelson (left) and Jono Beaver (center) co-host The Ring General Radio Hour. Jake “Stubby J” Beaver (center) works at Sizzlin 99.9.


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