Chris Clark (Libertarian): Cut Government, Make Breakfast at Home


Stubble: Why did you decide to run for mayor?
Chris Clark: I am fed up with how the city council members and mayor keep spending money on projects. Recently, the city council crowned themselves with more power for zoning rules regarding new development. Mpls has been unique with the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) which is no longer in existence. More power to the residents before the city steps in. Areas like Uptown and Dinkytown are being overbuilt — there’s no definite uniqueness anymore. Some of the projects or areas of waste city should have not delved into were Wi-Fi business, photo cop system, short period where council members allowed themselves a $400/month allowance to drive, the concept of street cars between 46/Nicollet and 40/Central. Look at our library system: Its part of the Hennepin County, city or board couldn’t get their shit together. Can’t for the Vikings stadium. Should have had a referendum.

Stubble: What makes you qualified for the position of mayor?
Chris Clark: You have to begin somewhere. Wasn’t Rybak a reporter? I’ve been involved with organizations back in my college days at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I volunteered for campaigns along the way including 3 of my own before this one and Blair Tremere for Hennepin County Commissioner. In 2009, I was one of twelve recipients for the President’s Award for Outstanding Service at the Univ. of MN. Usually, administrators and professors receive the award, not your average university employee.

Stubble: Do you have a favorite quote or piece of advice that you try to live by?
Chris Clark: My favorite quote by Helen Keller is ” The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

Stubble: What are the top three biggest issues facing Minneapolis in the coming decade and what are the best ways to address them?
Chris Clark: Three big issues for Minneapolis pertain to overtaxing & spending too much. In return, more building allowed to cover costs of what they can’t control in first place. We’ll end up like Detroit in 10 years if the out of control spending continues. Transportation, congestion, and livability. I would force a 15% pay cut for all 13 council members and myself. Attempt to reduce number of council members from 13 to 11. Its a start in saving the taxpayers extra money that is theirs, not greedy council or mayor.

Stubble: Where is your favorite place to get breakfast in Minneapolis?
Chris Clark: My very own kitchen is my favorite place for breakfast. Breakfast food is easiest food to make without paying an arm or leg for something so basic. I confess I cannot boil an egg without the yolk resembling orange plastic goo.

Stubble: Why did you decide to join the Libertarian Party?
Chris Clark: I joined the Libertarian Party because the Democrats were giving away everything, including the kitchen sink, to justify taxes and Republicans want to stick their noses in my bedroom and snub others their freedoms. The two party system is the same old, same old mumbo jumbo. The Libertarians have support throughout all fifty states. It’s a grassroots effort about Individual responsibility, responding and our Constitutional Rights as American Citizens!

Stubble: How do you like your coffee?
Chris Clark: I like my coffee with some flavored creamer. Sometimes I like it black if I am really tired. I didn’t get addicted to coffee until I moved to MN October 1999. Other addictions since moving here are SPAM and Politics.

Stubble: If you could go back in time and experience a day in Minneapolis in the last 200 years, when would you visit and what would you do?
Chris Clark: I have no real connections to Minneapolis or MN unfortunately. Yet a beautiful state with 10,000 lakes. My connections and vivid memories are that of Omaha of yesterday. I’d go back to June 10, 2013. I would have visited my mother and taken her for a new air conditioner. She passed away from heat stroke in her attic apt later that evening or early Tuesday am, June 11th. She was found June 15th decomposing very badly. Cause of death was undetermined yet heat index in apt was 100- 115 degrees. She was 61 years old, I am my mother’s child. We spoke on the telephone every Saturday at 3pm for past 7 or 8 years. Something I dearly miss even to this day! My heart is broken…

Chris Clark is a Libertarian candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis. Listen to his interview with KFAI here.


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