Pulling Pull Tabs at The Cardinal

pull tabs

Stubble: How did you get involved in selling pull tabs?
Beth: Well, I’m an ex-restaurant manager and I’m going back to school. I used to do this like 20 years ago and my sister does it and I actually fell into a management role for this company doing pull tabs.
Stubble: How do pull tabs work?
Beth: It’s run through the Minnesota Gambling Commission, and it’s charity so all of the money goes to charity each pull tabs site has a specific charity that they work for and this one is Minnesota USA Wrestling and we have 12 sites. If you went over to Joe Sensors in Bloomington they have 12 sites, but it’s completely different. There’s one guy that’s the head of everything, this gentleman Dan Chandling. He’s in charge of all the Minnesota Wrestling, and then each site has a manager and I manage this one.
Stubble: What’s appealing about the game of pull tabs?
Beth: You know, I buy pull tabs when I’m not working, so there is that same appeal of going to a casino and winning money. That’s what it is. It’s also how I make my money – I work off of tips like a server would. People that play, they’re going for that 500 dollar win. A lot of people play 10 or 20 dollars or a couple of bucks like you guys, but a lot of people play a lot of money.
Stubble: What are the different types of people who usually play?
Beth: Everybody! Every single type of person plays pull tabs. I mean you can find a 21 year old or an 80 year old. You can find income or low income, and that’s sort of sad sometimes when the low income people are trying to make money doing that.
Stubble: What’s the most amount of money you’ve ever won on a pull tab and what’s the most amount of money you’ve ever seen won?
Beth: I’ve seen 1000 dollars won on one ticket, and those are 5 dollar games, we don’t do those. I’ve personally won 500 dollars a couple of times. pretty sure I spent about 400 dollars to get it. My advice is that if you hit on a couple of bucks, just take it and run. A lot of people think ‘I’m kind of lucky today’ so then they keep putting it in and end up losing.

Beth runs the pull tab booth at the Cardinal Bar in south Minneapolis


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