The Dreams of Young Men

will dream

Will: Me, Ross, and Hannah were hiking through a moab, it was beautiful, it was awesome. We were just going around and we stumbled upon this jungle gym in the middle of this huge place and we had the time of our lives. We got done with that and then for some reason a bunch of kids showed up and started playing with us which was completely random. I remember being incredibly nervous that they had taken my wallet because I had put it down with my keys on the top of the jungle gym and I was like fuck, they’re crawling all over this place I better get up and get that shit. But I found it, fortunately. I also remember I knocked my wallet into the sand and had to pick it up.
And then we kept going — and this is where I jumped in because of the food thing. Something, some link to Robert came up — we found this gigantic fridge in the middle of nowhere. It was like a walk-in fridge and instead of an open swinging door it was a vertical door, like a garage door. And inside were these gigantic 6’ across tins of angel food cake. They were leftovers, though, because someone had eaten them, and I was like, “this is Robert, because Robert loves the angel food cake.”
Robert: It’s, ahhh, a good cake.
Will: It was most unusual. And then another part — this was a different dream that I had before I woke up and then recycled and started a new sequence — but, Austin, for some reason something happaned to his computer and he had to reinstall windows and we were on the road too so he plugged his gigantic tower into the car battery and we had to reinstall windows and then we arrived, for some reason, at Georgetown University and I no idea why we were going there, and we were just about to install the third disk of the operating system. We were getting a ride from somebody else so he was like “you gotta get out, you gotta go” and we were like “but we’re right in the middle of installation, what are we going to do?” and he’s like “I’m sorry, you’ve got to go” so we had to unplug everything and we lost the install and had to redo it. It was tough.
Stubble: In your dream did you see the install screens?
Will: Oh yeah, I was totally doing it. I was helping him out. It was like, insert disk 1, ok, insert disk 2, ok, and for some reason Windows wasn’t on one disk then, must have been some parallel dimension.
Robert: Must not have been on DVDs. Must have been CDs.
Will: Old school. And then I remember going into Austin’s tower for some reason because he had fan trouble of all things — Austin Hinkle having fan troubles with his computer of all things, can you imagine? — and I was like “Austin, your fucking motherboard isn’t seated correctly, what are you doing?” becuase he had only put in like two screws and he had seated the motherboard on like a plasterboard type surface instead of the case itself so there was an actual board of wood that he had put the motherboard on and the screws had become stripped somehow and the motherboard was basically shaking and he didn’t have a heatsync and he didn’t have a fan on his CPU and I was like “that’s the dumbest thing ever dude” and he was like “whatever I can just turn it up to max on the back fan” and he did but it didn’t work that well. But, yeah, we didn’t finish installation.
Robert: I dreamt I was in a plane crash the other day.
Will: What?
Robert: I had a plane crash dream.
Stubble: Were you OK?
Robert: No, I think I died. Thankfully I woke up, think it may have been the last thing that happened before I woke up.
Stubble: That’s intense.
Robert: No, it was actually. I think we were probably only flying at about 500 feet and it was a C5 galaxy military transport, I was up in the… — not a C130, it was a C5 Galaxy, it’s much better, there’s a big difference — for whatever reason I was up in the cockpit and I had a view out the window. Something went out and we immediately plunged into a 45 degree dive thereabouts and it was a really uncomfortable sensation in my stomach. Like I said, it was about 500 feet, so it was a pretty immediate, pretty immediate crash, but it was into water. So I’m looking out, we’re coming along and then, wssssh, plunge. The sensation and the imagery were very vivid.


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