Mike Reflects on His Hand Injury

mike's hand

Stubble: What happened to your hand?
Mike: Well, I cut it open.
Stubble: Doing what?
Mike: I had been brewing beer all day before thanksgiving because, I don’t know, I just wanted to, it’s fun. I was pouring water out of a six-and-a-half gallon glass jug which was really stupid of me to be doing this because I should have tipped it out on its side and let it spilled out on its own. Just wasn’t thinking straight. Anyway, I picked it up, cradling it close to the ground and and it slipped out of my hand and shattered upon hitting the ground. It came down on my left hand and sliced it open.
Stubble: Can you describe the feeling when it was sliced open?
Mike: I didn’t feel anything. I had no idea it even happened right away. I was really super worried about having destroyed this big glass jug that was 40 or 50 dollars. Here… I’ll show you a picture of what my hand looked like right after the cut, because it looked different from what you saw.
Stubble: And you had to go to the hospital from these injuries?
Mike: Yeah, six-and-a-half hours in the ER.
[Shows picture]
Stubble: Oooooh buddy. That looks like a nice clean, deep cut.
Mike: Yup, and that was how I just myself the day before Thanksgiving.
Stubble: Speaking of pictures… you infamously posted a pretty gory photo of your hand under surgery. Can you walk me through your decision to post that?
Mike: Noone liked it! I was pretty woozy, on a shit ton of painkillers and I’d lost a ton of blood and I was still in shock over cutting my hand open and I was like, dude this will be funny, check this out – here’s my tendon. How many times do you get to see your tendon?
Stubble: Did you get any direct feedback on the photo?
Mike: Yeah, everyone was like “omigawd, what the fuck.”
Stubble: Were you told anything about lasting impacts of the injury?
Mike: Yeah, my pinky is numb on one side.
Stubble: Forever?
Mike: Yes, forever. Because it sliced the ulnar nerve – U-L-N-A-R – I learned something that day! That nerve connects all the way up into here and then it gives you feeling in this finger and this finger.
Stubble: On a scale of one to ten, how horrific was this accident for you?
Mike: … 2? I had a great thanksgiving still. Ate delicious turkey and mashed potatoes just fine with my right hand.


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